A pet media box unlike any other in the world, designed exclusively for dogs: DogSplay.


Are you worried that our furry friend might spend the day feeling listless and lonely at home, or suffer from separation anxiety? 😭
Give your pet the gift of delightful anticipation! 🎁
Introducing DogSplay, a pet media box like no other, designed exclusively for dogs! 

* 12-month interest-free installment plan
* Subscription service for DogFlix starting on April 1st (Monday) at a cost of KRW 5,500 per month (including VAT)
* After the subscription service begins, existing free content will still be available 

Delivery Method Courier
Shipping Cost Free (free shipping on orders over KRW 50,000)
Delivery Information
Items are shipped the next day after purchase, and delivery can be expected within 3 days of shipment.